Chord Sheet Generator

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial


Coming soon!


  • Windows, Linux
  • GTK#

* Other operating systems may be supported in the future upon request.

While I have been using this software personally for over a year, I am still working on the finishing touches for installation, documentation, etc. to release this application to the wild. Keep checking back or contact us if you are interested in trying out this software.


  • Edit the text for the song and see the print-preview results in real-time.
  • Change fonts, colors, indentation and backgrounds to make your songs easier to read.
  • The program automatically detects if more space is required between syllables with longer chords.
  • Easily transpose the song up or down for either the entire song or selected lines (to add a key change on the last verse).
  • Get a chord-free version of the song (a lyric sheet) with a single click.
  • Supports the standard chord-pro song format.


Main screen image The main screen allows you to edit the text file and see the print-preview immediately.
Font settings image Change font settings and see the output results in real-time.
Region settings image Change indentation and background of various regions of the song to make it easier for musicians to jump between parts of the song.
Header/Footer settings image Easily add page numbers, song name, and other information to the header and footer of each page.