Prayer Journal

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Prayer Journal (32 bit) (Windows XP)
Prayer Journal (64 bit) (Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, or 10)


* Other operating systems may be supported in the future upon request.

Release History

0.8.4 (beta) - minor fix for Vista installation.
0.8.3 (beta) - initial release (4/18/2011).


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Screenshot of Prayer Journal main window

Search and sort prayer requests.

Screenshot of Prayer Journal request window

Easily create prayer requests.

Screenshot of Prayer List Print window

Print organized prayer lists.

This application is no longer under active development. I am considering a rewrite to support multiple platforms or possibly an on-line application. Let me know if you are interested and have ideas for possible features.

Prayer Journal is free to use for ministry and personal use. It is a tool to help develop a strong prayer life and increase our faith in God.


  • Easy data entry for quickly adding new prayer requests.
  • Organize requests by category and the person or group.
  • Print out clean, orderly lists for use during prayer time.
  • Track updates and answers to prayer to help build your faith in God.
  • Helpful scriptures and quotes on the power of God in prayer.

Why It Exists

Prayer is absolutely essential to the Christian walk. Its importance simply cannot be overstated as it is the foundation of our relationship with God -- the very act that declares of our dependence upon Him and lays hold of the promise He has given us in scripture. This application is submitted as a tool to help my brothers and sisters in Christ develop a strong life of prayer and intercession.

After trying to maintain a prayer journal using paper and pencil, I soon became frustrated with the maintenance of the list and the desire to organize and print out an orderly prayer list. A quick search of the Internet showed me that there were few tools available, and the better ones all cost money. Prayer is free, so software to help us pray should also be free.

There were several things that I thought essential to a good prayer program:

  • The ability to track answers to prayer
  • The ability to search and sort requests
  • The ability to quickly printout organized prayer lists for use in prayer


Prayer Journal is a free application for personal use and in ministry. Feel free to distribute the software to others, but you cannot charge money beyond a nominal fee for shipping, etc.